Huaraches @ El Huarache Loco

Mexican brunch in Marin?  Si, por favor!

Aside from Mi Pueblo and Sol Food, Latin North Bay Area Brunch options are dismal.  So imagine my excitement when I saw the El Huarache Loco stand at the Farmer’s Market at Larkspur Landing this morning.

Lots to choose from but I love eggs for breakfast so I headed straight for the Huarache con Huevo.  I had no idea what a Huarache was but the smells coming from the grill were amazing.  As I found out, it is sort of a cross between a pupusa in form (pancake like with good stuff in the middle) and tamale in flavor (as it is made with masa).  There were mushed beans inside and cilantro and green salsa on top along with a couple eggs over easy.  I loved it!  (Though if I was doing my nit picky Top Chef Judge impersonation, I would say a bit less salt on the eggs and more heat in the salsa please.  But who cares?  I want another one.)

I found out later from the trusty interweb that huarache is also the name of a Mexican sandal which is similar in shape to the brunch plate I had today.  (And better tasting presumably.)  I can’t wait to come back to try El Huarache Loco’s chilaquiles and other authentic and homemade Mexican dishes.

El Huarache Loco
(415) 572-6832


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