Theresa & Johnny’s Comfort Food


This bears repeating lest you sit down at Theresa & Johnny’s, order food, then realize you have no dolla dolla bills. Then one person runs out and tries to find an ATM while the other person sits there awkwardly. (This was our third visit so we should have known better!)

Money snafus aside, T&J has become a fixture in the North Bay Area Brunch rotation. I love the funky and homey vibe of the place. There’s a neon sign that says they’ve been around since 1947. Also on the walls are fun and quirky plates, signs, pictures, and Chinese checker boards and along the counter there are Simpsons figurines and a collection of hot sauce bottles. Quirky salt and pepper shakers are on each table so shake your salt shaker!

I’m always mesmerized by the LED ticker sign that helpfully informs patrons:

“Do not use your cell phones or you will be ridiculed”
Mr. T pities the fool”
“Unattended children will be given a free shot of espresso and a puppy.”

Good to know.

We first came here for brunch in April 2010 when J tried to cook breakfast for me but set his oven on fire instead. I had a Make Your Own Omelet with Tomato, Spinach, and Chicken Apple Sausage and he ordered the Tomato Scramble with Garlic, Basil, and Parmesan Cheese. Both came with a choice of toast and extra carbs (we went with hash browns instead of home fries or grits). Our only gripe was with the Chicken Apple Sausage which was burnt and didn’t taste much like chicken or apple.

On our most recent brunch visit, I had the huge Breakfast Burrito that was full o’ scrambled eggs, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses, and hash browns (which were unfortunately mushy rather than crispy). Skipping the bacon or sausage, I was offered avocado. Yes please! Overall, the burrito was tasty especially with the fresh pico de gallo on top. The fruit that came with it was indeed fresh with a nice variety of citrus fruit, melons, pineapples, and a strawberry. J inhaled one of the specials of the day, a Chicken and Pesto sandwich and a side salad.

As usual, our food came out fast, was well made, and generously portioned. The coffee isn’t the strongest but they are quick with the refills. And best of all, they serve breakfast all day.

Theresa & Johnny’s Comfort Food
817 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 259-0182

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