SOMA StrEAT Food Park

How to Deal with Bay Area Brunch Indecision:

1) Have no idea when asked, “Where do you want to go for brunch?”

2) Like the suggestion of SOMA StrEAT Food Park.

3) Experience a second bout of Bay Area Brunch indecision when surveying the 8 food trucks ranging from Irish-Ethiopean to Gyros.

4) Decide on Adam’s Grub Truck due to its brunchilicious artery clogging fried egg and bacon topped sandwiches.

5) Gobble down your Kelekona sandwich. Enjoy the squishy brioche bun, the oozy fried egg, seaweed, and spicy cabbage/cilantro/black sesame seed slaw. Wish that the bacon was crisper and that the spam slices were thicker.

6) Chair dance to the 80’s tunes like “98 Luftballoons” and “Working for the Weekend.” Watch two kids bust some serious dance moves to “Maniac.”

7) Make a beeline to the Golden Waffle food truck.  Chow down on a deliciously doughy Belgian Waffle slathered with Nutella, topped with Banana Slices, and dusted with Powdered Sugar. For good measure taste a Strawberry and overly sweet Caramel topped Waffle too.

8) Try really REALLY hard to not run straight home and take a nap.

428 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Twitter: @SoMaStrEatFood

Twitter: @adamsgrubtruck

Twitter @TheWaffleMobile

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