Afternoon Tea @ Lovejoy’s

How to Have a Lovejoyous Girls’ Bay Area Brunch:

1) Go to Lovejoy’s with your favorite “Princess.”

2) Sit at your table with the sign “Reserved for The Queens.”

3) Look at the doiley covered table, the room filled with women, and be glad you left the guys at home.

4) Order the Queens Tea Service ($26.95). Shamelessly clink your cheerily mismatched teacups with your pinkie finger crooked just SO. Try the Tea Room Blend but next time stick to your fave, Vanilla Roobios.

5) Slather your scone with devon cream, lemon curd, and raspberry preserves. Munch on a toasty crumpet and admire the cute pear shaped dish it came in.

6) Nosh on itty bitty mini sandwiches including the Bay Shrimp. (Have also tried the Chicken and Asparagus and Chicken-Apple-Walnut. Skip the Artichoke Hummus.)

7) Dutifully eat your organic greens and wee slices of watermelon, kiwi, orange, and strawberries.

8) Admire and devour your pink flower topped marzipan covered wedding cake petit four.

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