Eggs Benedict @ Zazie

When the weather gets hot, the hot (and hungry!) Bay Area Bruncher goes to Zazie.

I ventured over to Zazie for a long overdue second visit, lured by the thought of brunching al fresco on a pretty outdoor patio. My first brunch here had been pleasant enough but alas it is one of those “don’t take reservations so must wait in long line on the weekend” places. Fortunately, it is also one of those wonderful “breakfast all day” places.

The outdoor patio was as adorable as advertised with a string of lights, greenery, and potted flowers next to wicker chairs, wooden benches, and forest green metal tables. Most importantly there were lots of patio umbrellas to keep the sun from the balmy 80 degree weather off.

Zazie’s is the place for mimosas since you can get all kinds of juices mixed in with your champagne. Next time I am going to get the “Sunshine” since I am crazy for mango. Today however, I was craving lemonade so I got a glass of lemony bubbles. Refreshment in a glass – ahh!

Zazie’s is also the place for Eggs Benedict and is one of the items on 7×7’s 100 Things to Try Before You Die list. What’s so great about it? Well the Hollandaise sauce for one. You never know what you’ll get masquerading as Hollandaise so I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering it on the side. If you get a bad one, your brunch is ruined! Zazie’s Hollandaise is light and tangy so no need to keep this one on the side. Keep it where it belongs, front and center.

Another thing I like about the Eggs Benedict is that you have lots of choices: you can order them with one, two, or three poached free range eggs and you can choose home fries or salad. My mixed greens were pretty basic with a nice viniagrette. I had the Florentine with Spinach and Mushrooms. I loved the seasoning on the perfectly cooked mushrooms. Next time I’m going to try the one with Wild Salmon. The eggs however were a mixed bag. One was nice and runny and the other one was nearly cooked all the way through. Odd!

Service was great especially because I came in towards the end of lunch service when sometimes things can slide. I saw people coming in at 2:30pm (right when they close) and they were seated instead of being shooed out the door. Very nice! I am definitely coming back to try some of the great looking salads and sandwiches and I have heard great things about the dinner menu (with prix fixe option) as well.

941 Cole St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 564-5332

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