The Potatoes @ Plow

I love brunch.

However, I hate mornings and I hate lines.

This is not an easy cross to bear.

However, I’ve discovered the loophole of places that have breakfast all day.  Plow is one such place.  I had heard good things about their potatoes and bad things about their lines so had been ambivalent about going.  So for our spontaneous weekday Bay Area Brunch date, Plow is where we went.

It’s a small space but very clean and bright with huge windows.  My favorite part of the decor was the little plaque by the counter that politely reminded, “No cell phone.  Please.”  (Did I use my cell phone to take a picture of it? I plead the Fifth.)  I would like to have a similar plaque to whip out whenever people I am with are texting or playing Angry Birds at the table.  Ahem.

During our short wait, we looked over the menu.  My friend has this theory that if a restaurant has a dish with the name of the restaurant in it, you must try it.  It’s a sound theory.  Who wouldn’t want to bring their A game to their namesake dish?   (Exhibit A:  Little Star‘s Little Star Pizza.)

The Plow at Plow subscribed to this theory as it had tasty bits of everything:  two eggs (poached in this case), some pork sausage, two small lemon ricotta pancakes, and the infamous Plow potatoes ($13).  How can you elevate the humble potato to foodie hype fodder?  You cook them so they are extremely soft inside and crazy crispy on the outside and with such great rosemary and salt seasoning, you won’t need the ketchup.  They really should come with a warning like CAUTION:  EATING THESE POTATOES WILL RUIN YOU FOR OTHER BREAKFAST POTATOES FOREVER.

We also tried and liked the Fried Egg Sandwich which came with two eggs over easy on a soft n’ squishy Acme bun.  The eggs were nice and runny and went great with the cheddar cheese, aioli, frisee, and Plow potatoes on the side.  And do not skip the locally made oh-so-good Youk’s Hot Sauce.

I am looking forward to coming back and trying some of their lunch items like the Chicken Pot Pie and Fried Chicken Sandwich.  But probably not on a weekend.

You know how I feel about them lines!

1299 18th Street
San Francisco, CA  94107
(415) 821-plow(7569)

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