Huevos Estrellados @ Lalola

Tapas aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think “Bay Area Brunch”?

Lalola‘s Huevos Estrellados will change your mind.

Although San Francisco’s Lalola is open only in the evenings rather than typical Bay Area Brunch hours, this tapa is great any time of the day. Jamón serrano lovers will find that the salty and fatty slivers of meat taste even better with some diced potatoes and fried eggs. Lalola’s version is great but I wished the potatoes were a bit crisper. It comes in two sizes Tapa ($12) or the larger Ración ($15) which you “must share.” But it is so good, next time I’ll get the Ración and keep it all to myself!

Lalola has the usual array of tapas including the egg and onion layered wedges of Tortilla Española speared atop slices of bread and red pepper coulis drizzled on top. My favorites are the creative Octopop which is grilled and spice dusted octopus on a stick with aioli for dipping and the Gambas al Ajillo which arrives sizzling with generous amounts of minced garlic to garnish the shrimp. Be sure to order a glass of red or white sangria to go with it!

Croissants are a favorite Bay Area Brunch item but I’ve never had it quite like this. Lalola’s Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding is warm, buttery, and swimming in a pool of bittersweet chocolate. My only complaint is that it comes in one size instead of a larger shareable Ración size.

For Me, Myself, and I.

1358 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 981-5652

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