E.A.T. Sandwich @ Brunch Box SF


Food Truck.

(‘Nuff said.)

Bay Area denizens love their food trends like pop up restaurants and food trucks so a Bay Area Brunch truck was bound to happen. Lucky us!

The Brunch Box‘s design is definitely eye-catching and whimsical but this is what my eye ultimately gravitated towards:

On Saturdays, the Brunch Box is conveniently located in front of Ritual Coffee on Valencia in the Mission District.  Items are made to order so after placing your brunch order, you can get your coffee fix (iced coffee for me, mocha for J).  Then you can grab a seat inside with your compostable brunch boxes.

My favorite Brunch Box item so far is the appropriately named E.A.T. Sandwich. When you bite into it, the fried Egg yolk oozes over the slices of Avocado and heirloom Tomato and the lightly toasted Acme pain de mie is satisfyingly squishy. The diced shallots add a bit of crunch and there is a light garlic aioli swirl. The well dressed bit of greens is a nice touch. ($7 but add $1 for bacon and turn your E.A.T. into a B.E.A.T.!)

The Pork Belly Hash came with chunks of pork belly, potatoes, and sauteed kale.  There were two perfectly poached eggs on top and a dijion-hollandaise sauce over everything.  The pork belly had great flavors but was a bit tough in texture.  The kale was a nice contrast to the fat of the pork belly and a unique brunch veggie. (Zazie’s remains my favorite for Bay Area Brunch hollandaise sauce though.)

The Brunch Box’s French Toast featured three slices of Acme Bread that were soft and eggy but the best part for me was the macerated Black Mission Figs, especially with the maple syrup, and whipped cream on top.

A welcome addition to the Bay Area Brunch rotation!

@ RITUAL COFFEE on Saturdays
1026 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

UPDATED INFO:  In fall 2011, the Brunch Box changed its name to Fogcutter. How’s the food? Stay tuned!

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