Black Sesame Donuts @ Grand Palace Restaurant

My nephew loves dim sum.

Well specifically har gow. While most kids would prefer pizza or Mickey D’s, my nephew can’t get enough of those shrimp dumplings. (And with a grandmother who likes to spoil him, he does get plenty of them trust me.) So when he was in town last fall, I knew a Bay Area dim sum brunch would be on the menu.

J suggested Grand Palace, a large Chinese restaurant and banquet space that his family has been going to for years. Making a reservation was a breeze and when we showed up on a Saturday around 10:30 am, there were plenty of big round tables to choose from and happily no lines!

The carts came around regularly with a good variety of items like shrimp dumplings, chive dumplings, rice noodles, pork dumplings, sticky rice, congee, fried chicken wings, honey walnut prawns, and stuffed bell peppers and eggplant. My nephew gave the har gow the thumbs up and his baby brother smeared taro cake all over his face and high chair which I think is toddler speak for YUM! Their auntie thought everything was fine and filling but basic dim sum fare. My favorite dessert, mango pudding, was disappointing here as it was rubbery and flavorless.

However, we loved the “fried rice dumpling green tea flavored.”  This is definitely the worst menu description of most delicious dim sum dessert item EVER.  I arbitrarily redub them “Black Sesame Donuts” and I am coming back to get more of ’em!  These fried doughy bits of goodness were a pretty green color outside and filled with an addictive sweetened black sesame paste inside. Supposedly green tea flavored but that didn’t really come through.

I liked that Grand Palace wasn’t complete bedlam like some other dim sum places in the Bay Area. Street parking wasn’t difficult though watch out for parking tickets. Overall a mellow and filling family brunch and some very happy nephews!

359 Grand Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 872-1000

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