The Demon Lover @ 900 Grayson

The Devil made me do it.

This is what you say when you go to 900 Grayson for an East Bay Area Brunch, order the Demon Lover, put some on a plate for your friend to try, take a bite of yours, and then take your food back. (I didn’t actually do this but the thought did cross my mind!) The two pieces of Fried Chicken paillard were moist on the inside and packed with crunch and spicy breading on the outside. The breading is so good you will chase down every crumb.

The Buttermilk Waffle was less devilish as it was spongy and soft. I’m more of a lighter, crispier waffle girl. Sugar hounds will lap up the sweet Vermont maple syrup but next time I’m skipping this and staying on the gravy train! I wanted to spoon up every bit of the thick creamy, peppery, and spicy gravy directly into my greedy mouth.

My Brunch Buddy had the well dressed Chopped Cobb with the usual suspects of chicken, avocado, carrot slivers, tomato, bacon, romaine lettuce, and egg. I’m not a fan of blue cheese but the flavor of it in the vinaigrette was pretty subtle. Loved the crispy fried onions on top.

Next time I am getting one of the fun sounding cocktails. Korean Soju Want Me? Why yes, I do!

Who would have guessed that the unassuming red building with cozy yellow walls and cute patio out back, would be the home of such devilishly delicious dishes? And the server (owner?) was so warm and welcoming too. Do not be deceived! They will lure you back to 900 Grayson even though they don’t take reservations.

(Go on a weekday for breakfast or lunch though and you’ll be just fine!)

900 Grayson Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 704-9900

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