Donut @ Bouchon Bakery

Move over Krispy Kreme.

I have a new Bay Area Brunch donut love.

I’m actually not hugely into donuts save for the occasional “hot now” Krispy Kreme glazed. But when the lady in line behind you at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery is a local and tells you that she goes there every week for the donuts, I can make an exception.

Bouchon Bakery’s donuts are made only on the weekend and there are two flavors available: a decadent looking chocolate one and a seasonal one. I tried the seasonal one and was so glad I did! It was one of the best donuts I’ve ever had with a light dough and plenty of homemade blueberry jam in the middle. The best part was the thick dollop of frosting on top with sugary crumbles. It was sort of a cross between a donut and cupcake. (Docake? Cupnut? Just eat it!)

We also tried the Lemon Poppyseed Danish which was fine but I probably wouldn’t order it again. The dough was croissant like with plenty of poppy seeds but not much in the way of lemon flavor. The frosting on top was the opposite with tons of lemony flavor, a sprinkling of candied lemon bits and poppy seeds.

Don’t forget to get a couple cups of the strong and delicious coffee and some macarons for later! The macarons are pretty big and this time I got the Caramel one and Seasonal one which turned out to be a pink and green dusted Strawberry Rhubarb. As usual, they were great and the flavors were subtle.

6528 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599
(707) 944-2253

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