The Egg Salad Sandwich @ Il Cane Rosso

Scrambled. Poached. Overeasy. Hardboiled.


Though not the usual fare for Bay Area Brunch eggs, Il Cane Rosso has changed my mind.  Located in San Francisco’s Ferry Building, this storefront’s Open Faced Warm Egg Salad Sandwich will make those icky white bread triangles with egg mush a distant memory.

You will need your knife and fork to tackle this sandwich.  The Clover Farm hardboiled eggs are diced and mixed with anchovy garlic butter, capers, and fresh herbs. It is the first time the word “herbacious” has ever sprung to my mind. Lots of rich satisfying flavor without feeling like you have a rock in your stomach afterwards. The Acme bread is light and toasty and the melted provolone on top was nice but the eggs are the star here. There are a few greens sprinkled on the plate too. Well priced for $9.

You can get this sandwich all day but Il Cane Rosso offers some breakfast items in the morning like a fried egg sandwich, yogurt, and porridge. And don’t forget to add a cup of the ubiquitous Blue Bottle French Pressed Coffee for maximum brunch satisfaction!

One Ferry Building, # 41
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 391-7599

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