Fried Chicken @ Maverick

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Fried Chicken is probably my favorite thing at Maverick but it’s not on the brunch menu per se. However, if you ask nicely you just might be blessed by the Maverick Fried Chicken Fairy.

I knew my Bay Area Brunch buddies would want to get in on this brunch action so I ordered 3 pieces for sharing. The leg, wing, and thigh pieces were as crunchy, flavorful, and moist as I had remembered. The Shoestring Fries that came alongside were so crispy they nearly shattered between my chomping teeth. My kind of fries! Especially with house made ketchup and hot sauce for dipping.

Be sure to get some of the little Cinnamon and Sugar Donuts as an “appetizer”! They go great with the locally roasted De La Paz coffee which is often refilled by the awesome staff.

J got the House Cured Salmon which came with Poached Eggs, Dill Crème Fraiche and a big ol’ slice of Toast. My friend ordered the Spicy Chorizo Scramble per our server’s recommendation and she loved it. I snuck bites of both and while I liked them, I preferred my gluttonous fried chicken brunch. And in keeping with the local theme, the eggs are from Petaluma Farms. Nice!

Note to Self: Brunch at Maverick more often. Very often.

3316 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-3061

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