Easter Brunch @ Buckeye Roadhouse

Easter means different things to different people.

Sunrise services.
Chocolate bunnies and jellybeans.
Hunky Jesus contests.

But for me, it means brunch! (Surprise, surprise.)

J and I decided on Mill Valley’s beloved Buckeye Roadhouse for an impromptu Easter brunch.  It has been around for years so J was a Buckeye veteran and I was a newbie.  However, I had been meaning to check it out especially since I remember that it had been on The Chronicle’s Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants a few years ago.

Parking was a breeze thanks to complimentary valet parking and soon we made our way up a pretty winding walkway that had lush greenery on either side.  We were quickly seated in the main dining area where we could see this gorgeous patio outside. The decor definitely reminded me of a hunting lodge thanks to the large fireplace on the first floor and the big mounted deer head peering at me from the second floor. Although it was 2:30pm, the room was still bustling with lots of families getting their Easter brunch on.  There were cute decorations on each table for the occasion.

We started out with coffee and it passed muster with J. He’s a bit picky when it comes to his coffee and refills were plentiful. The bread on the table was so warm and fresh, I wondered if it was made in house. Our server said that the bread was brought in but finished in house. The exterior was nice and crispy and the interior was chewy and soft.

While it was hard not to fill up on bread, I had some Beignets that I needed to save room for! They are probably one of the Buckeye’s most famous items and they are even set apart on the menu. You get five beignets and they aren’t very large but they tasted fine and were dusted with powdered sugar. They come with homemade strawberry jam and a crazy delicious coffee creme anglaise.

Eggs seemed like a logical choice for this Easter Sunday especially since the ones here are local and organic. J went for the Egg White Scramble with Artichokes, Spinach, and Mushrooms. It was nicely cooked and the pan fried bits of artichoke were especially nice. I tried the Duck Hash which had some great flavors and I loved the smoky tomato puree that encircled the dish. However, the duck was a little dry and I wished the diced potatoes had some crisp edges to it. And oddly, one of my poached eggs was nice and runny and the other was so overcooked it was practically hard boiled.

Service was friendly and attentive and our bill came out to around $60. Too spendy for every day but for a poshy Easter splurge it was fun. I will definitely come back for dinner or happy hour sometime to try the famous Oysters Bingo!

15 Shoreline Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 331-2600

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