Brunch Pizza @ Cotogna

Pizza is great any time of the day. So why not for a Bay Area brunch?

A veteran pizza nosher, I’ve had many different versions of the egg on pizza thang with mixed results. However, Cotogna‘s version of brunchy pizza has set the bar sky high.  Cotogna is closed on Sundays but they have a brunch on Saturday.  And wisely, pizza is featured on all their menus (lunch, dinner, and brunch).  We actually tried it at dinner time and like places that have breakfast all day, I was all about it.

There were 3 pizzas offered, all $15.  We picked the one with with Ramps, Guanciale, Egg and Pecorino Romano and according to one of the staff, it is a very popular item.

Can you see why? *cue pizza porn music*

The wood burning pizza oven is a focal point of the room and stacks of wood are at the door and in the hallways leading towards the bathrooms in the back. All this for a pizza? Damn straight! I was amazed at how perfectly round the pizza was. I have tried making pizza and usually the pizza comes out kind of amoeba shaped with varying levels of thickness throughout. The crust on this one was perfect: thin in the middle with a nice amount of crust that was chewy and flavorful.

I like seeing seasonal ingredients and when you see ramps you know it’s spring time! The guanciale was INSANE, so incredibly fatty and salty that a little goes a long way especially when paired by the Pecorino Romano cheese. The best part for me was the oozy egg in the middle especially with a bit of guanciale on top. (Good call J!) The flavors were strong but went great together.

Hands down one of the best pizzas I’ve had in recent memory. J said he could have eaten another one. Note to self: Next time order two! And try it with one of their Bloody Mary’s.

490 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 775-8508

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