Pancakes @ First Awakenings

First Awakenings is known for their pancakes.

However, I didn’t realize they were the size of hubcaps! Talk about a Man v. Food Bay Area Brunch Day Trip moment.

J ordered up the Triple Bogey. In golf, this isn’t a great thing but for brunch it is definitely a win consisting of 2 eggs (nicely cooked over easy), bacon or sausage (he had one of each), and toast or PANCAKE. There are about 9 types of pancakes to choose from and the blueberry one was chock full of blueberries as was the syrup that came with it. You could definitely tell that it was homemade. I’m not much of a pancake person but I wanted more! However, J is an experienced defensive eater and his plate was empty in record time.

I tried one of the “Crêpeggs” which as you can gather is what happens when crêpes and eggs collide. The Turkey Dill came with diced turkey, mushrooms, spinach, onion, Monterey Jack cheese, and Hollandaise sauce, diced tomatoes, and dill on top. It was good though I was jonesing for more dill flavor and I didn’t like how the turkey was so processed.

The roasted potatoes it came with were great. Lots of herbs and flavor, soft inside, and some crispiness outside. Even better with the fantastic locally made Pepper Plant garlic hot sauce on the table. (I saw a woman walk out with a bottle of it so either First Awakenings sells it or she is a klepto. It is that good!)

The outdoor patio is as nice as everyone says complete with fire pit and heat lamps and service was warm as well. Very conveniently located too since the Monterey Bay Aquarium was just a quick stroll away. There’s another First Awakenings in Salinas. I’m not much of a Rachel Ray fan but we are definitely in agreement when it comes to First Awakenings, a good reasonably priced brunch option!

p.s.  Click here to get the details on our amazing Monterey seafood dinner that night!

First Awakenings Monterey
125 Ocean View Blvd.
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 372-1125

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